Mobile superMHL/MHL Transmitters

Ultra high-definition mobile video connectivity that won’t leave you crying out for more power

Sharing has never been easier – Effortlessly stream up to 4K high definition video from a mobile device to a large display

Power for your pocket – Charge your device while you stream, so that your battery gets replenished while you sit back and relax

Take control – Control your mobile device while it’s connected using your TV remote


  • MHL transmitter chips provide ultra high definition (UHD) video throughput up to 4K 60 fps over a single differential pair
  • Supports superMHL Tx, MHL 3.0, MHL 2.0, MHL 1.0 specifications
  • Integration of advanced low-power operating modes to maximize battery life and charging
  • Available with a choice of input interface such as parallel video, MIPI video, or HDMI
  • Connector agnostic – works with any standard connector on your mobile device

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Part # Description
SiI8630 superMHL Tx with HDMI 2.0 input and integrated USB Type-C switch (HDCP 2.2/1.4 encryption supported)
SiI8620 MHL 3.0 Tx supporting up to 4K 2160P Ultra HD Resolution
SiI8348 MHL 2.0 1080p60 transmitter that integrates a 2-to-1 multi-media switch to reduce system bill of materials
SiI8558 MHL 2.0 transmitter with integrated 4-to-1 multi-media switch
SiI8240 MHL 2.0 transmitter with HDMI input
SiI8332 MHL 1.0 transmitter with MIPI DSI input, integrated HDCP support, and integrated switch
SiI8334 MHL 1.0 transmitter with HDMI input and integrated switch


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